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Smart Home von Pierre - Android und Google Assistent Integration
Android integration

Android integration for a personalized home.

Complete Android integration

Pierre’s Android integration is very similar to Apple’s integration. Basically, Pierre becomes part of our Android device. This allows each user to customize their smart home and set up their own automations.


Attention to details

You can explore other benefits of Google integration, such as voice control, Google Assistant, Google shortcuts, Bixby integration on Samsung devices, or Bixby routines.

The most important elements of Google integration:
  • Pierre integrates into your Android device
  • it will be part of the entire Android environment
  • user-level customization and automated routines
  • even simpler and more natural smart home use
  • comfortable
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Hey Google! - voice control
  • Full Bixby integration for Samsung devices
  • Bixby routines and voice control
  • Android auto integration - so it's even more convenient to use while driving
Samsung Bixby highlights:
  • personalized automation on Samsung devices
  • Integration into the Samsung ecosystem
  • We can also control our home with a Samsung smart watch
  • Using Bixby routines


It is also important to mention that in addition to the basic Google integration, full Samsung Bixby integration is also provided. Thanks to this, Samsung mobile device owners can use the Pierre application even more comfortably.

Android widgets

Pierre widgets are also available for Android devices, so you can set the most important and most used functions, scenarios, and keys on the home screen.
This allows you to control your home without launching the Pierre app, which makes our daily lives even more convenient.

This feature is also perfect when you want to catch a glimpse of the door or the alarm system

Android car

Another advantage of Android integration is that we can install the Pierre app to our Android-based multimedia system or, if our multimedia device is an Android car, we can give instructions to our home safely and easily while driving. You can set simple automations based on your car’s location. 


Examples from everyday life

We can set up simple automations that make decisions based on the car’s location. Functions can get started when we arrive or leave home e.g. we can close the doors, arm the alarm, check that everything is locked, and turn off the lights. When we get home and it’s dark, we turn on the lights so we don’t have to stumble in the dark. Pierre provides limitless possibilities and they can all suit your needs.