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Pierre okos otthon - felhasználó management
Users and roles

In addition to our home, we can easily manage users within the app.

Manage permissions and users within the app

Each building is managed by an administrator: he can create additional users (or delete them at any time) and give them permissions and restrictions. You can also allow or restrict users' rights based on time (e.g. office working hours or period of reservation in case if hotels)


Everyday examples:

For example, if there are children in the family you can easily turn off their permission to control the heating and cooling system or the alarm. The housekeeper can be permitted to enter on specific days or we can give someone temporary access during the reservation. There is a wide range of possibilities, so customize your home easily and find the ideal option. 

Key features:
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Customizable permission levels
  • User-based, time-based or combined restrictions
  • Fast and easy user management via the application