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Energy saving

We all want to live in a “greener” world, but we don’t seem to be doing enough. 
Pierre helps the world become a better place for all of us. 

Energy saving with Pierre

The essence of saving energy is using everything that Pierre offers. With the help of dedicated Pierre specialists, we create a personalized smart home system that saves energy and reduces the living costs.

Here are some specific, everyday examples of this: 

  • Smart lighting - By automating your lighting, your indoor or outdoor lights can never waste energy. 
  • Heating / Cooling - By detecting the temperature and any open windows/doors, Pierre  controls the heating and cooling in your house with optimal energy use. Automatic heating / cooling by the time you get home.
  • Smart Irrigation - Water consumption can be significantly reduced by monitoring the weather and keeping track of soil moisture. This is exactly what Pierre does. 
  • Pierre notifies and acts -  If there is a pipe rupture, Pierre turns off the water flow. It also notifies us if leakage is detected. 
  • Economical use of the electric boiler - Automatic switching on and off for the sake of energy saving.
  • Shading technology - By operating the shutters wisely, we can reduce our  heating/cooling costs.
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Let’s do something good for the environment!

With Pierre's smart system and with the help of our experts, you too can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Reduce your utilities expense, save energy and do something good for the Earth! 
Choose our eco-friendly, energy-efficient smart home solution!


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Energy saving
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Environmentally friendly

We have plenty of energy and water saving solutions to make our home and daily lives as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Energy saving

We don’t mean just the lighting and heating. Pierre can coordinate all the systems in the building with optimal energy consumption, making sure you reduce your utilities expenses.

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Water consumption reduction

By installing the right sensors and defining garden zones, Pierre minimizes your water consumption.

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One of Pierre’s key features is safety. There is a power shutdown in case of any kind of risk or danger. 

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Standby off

Our electronic devices consume quite a lot of energy in standby mode. Pierre simply turns off the power with a click or the “Goodnight Scenario”. 

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Power shutdown

In some cases, it is useful to turn the power off in the whole house.  

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Notification for atypical energy consumption

Since all actions are logged, we know where to look in case of unusual power consumption. Pierre notifies you about these situations. 

Sustainable lighting

No more lights left on. Pierre makes sure that all the lights are off when not being used. One option can be placing a motion sensor that turns the lights off if no movement is detected. Evening lights are also worth optimizing. They can be turned off or reduced at a specific time, so there is no unnecessary power consumption.
By setting up scenarios, you can turn off the complete lighting system quickly using your phone.

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Save on Cooling / heating

Have you ever considered how much energy you can save with smart heating / cooling in addition to good insulation? 
People tend to heat rooms in which they spend very little or no time at all. This is no longer a problem with Pierre. 

With Pierre, you can optimize your heating / cooling to be as economical as possible, but also comfortable. When you leave work, Pierre turns on the heating automatically and by the time you get home, it's pleasantly warm - without having it on all day. 
If a door/window is left open, Pierre automatically notifies you to switch off the  heating/cooling so that energy doesn’t go to waste. 

Let’s cut down on wasting energy! 

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