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Pierre okos otthon - biztonsági funkciók

Alarm system with extras

Pierre offers a top-notch security system

When someone is looking for security solutions, they usually consider buying an alarm system. Pierre also performs this task perfectly, and since the security alarm is completely customizable, it can be used in more ways than one. 

In addition to the traditional alarm function, other safety functions such as the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and the flood detector are available. In case of bad weather, Pierre can even pull down the shutters. 

The flood detector can also be useful if we have a built-in sensor because it can shut off the water in the whole building. Not only does it notify us about the situation, but in some cases, it also helps us solve the root of the problem and reduce the damage. 

Notification levels

There are three levels of security notifications. There is a silent alert when we only receive a notification within the app about an event that occurred, message notification and finally, Pierre can call you and make sure you don’t miss the notification. 


Silent alarm

The Silent alarm or the message can be useful in cases in which you just want to be notified about an event such as whether your child arrived home or if the cleaning lady is here. 

Pierre's most important safety features:
  • Customizable alarm system
  • Integrated camera system
  • Motion sensor, door opening e.g. magnetic sensor, glass break sensor
  • Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, flood detector
  • Three-level alarm notification 
  • Automated alarm activation/deactivation 
  • You can check at any time, even remotely, whether your alarm is currently active and you can activate or deactivate it remotely 
  • Automated alarm functions 
  • The alarm function can also be part of a scenario, e.g. in the “Leaving home” scenario, apart from turning off the lights, Pierre can activate the alarm 
  • No need to buy a separate alarm device