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Digital Hive - Pierre Okos Otthon rendszer
Digital Hive office building on 1600 square meters

The office building of the future is already here

We implemented the following:
  • Automatic heating and cooling control in different office sectors and rooms
  • Ventilation and air conditioning control
  • All devices controlled with a single app 
  • Wall tablet in each room for convenient control of temperature and light
  • Configuration of multiple user roles and their accesses
  • Complete overview and control from a single device
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Intelligent light control thanks to motion sensors
  • Location-based access and device control
  • Logging all movements 
  • Intelligent irrigation system
  • Set an office time interval to operate devices
  • Smart intercom and access control system
Digital Hive
Remotely controlled
  • Access control
  • Login with smartphone
  • Gate and ramp control
  • Lighting control
  • Air quality control
  • Alarm integration
  • Remote control
  • Camera surveillance system
Digital Hive

Productive employees

Easy temperature and light control

Efficient working day

Eliminate unnecessary routine tasks - save time

Luxurious working conditions

High level of security

Keyless entry

Energy saving system

Cost optimization

Smartphone control 

Attractive and modern office