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TSC Sports Academy

The academy students enjoy complete comfort by Pierre. They can spend all their time on training and their teachers can have a complete overview of the building and the school building.

What Pierre does instead of us
  • Control of automatic heating and cooling in students’ rooms, offices and common areas
  • Ventilation and air conditioning control
  • Control of the entire academy via one app
  • Shading control in the conference room during presentations
  • Special occasion lighting 
  • Access with cards
  • Athletes have a wall tablet in their room to control the temperature and lights
  • Restricted student access to certain rooms and areas at specific times of the day
  • Various roles and permissions for teachers and other TSC staff
  • SOS option in case of emergency
  • Intelligent light control thanks to motion sensors
  • Gate/ramp control and license plate recognition
TSC Fudbalska Akademija

Everyone at the academy can focus on football, and Pierre does the rest 

Easy control of temperature and lights

High level of security

Keyless entry

Energy saving system

Cost optimization

Modern school